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Lightning Detection Center

Current Lightning Map Current regional radar

Tracking 1 storm cell

Cell ID G-4162 detected at 8:16 AM from 198.4° at a distance of 186 miles. Storm is moderate and steady.

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Map Legend

Nexstorm can identify both approximate range and type of lightning. Cloud to Ground is obviously much more dangerous than intracloud. Both show how much energy in a storm cell.

+CG Positive cloud to ground strike | -CG Negative cloud to ground strike
+IG Positive intracloud strike | -IG Negative intracloud strike

TRAC key  
Storm ID Key:
Dashed CircleStrike Rate/MinClassification
J-3226 is a computer assigned identifier.
- or + indicates dominating strike polarity.
10 indicates last recorded strike rate.
^ - v indicates if storm is increasing, steady, or decreasing.

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