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Weather-Related School Closings

The what, when, why, where of school closings in the Council Bluffs Community School District.

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Sources for School Cancellations

Local television stations all run school cancellation pages.

KETV Channel 7 <- Includes email notifications

WOWT Channel 6

KMTV Channel 3

KPTM Fox 42 is a free public service that will e-mail you cancellations for a wide variety of school districts and organizations.

Procedure for Weather-Related School Closings

The decision to either delay or close schools is made by the Superintendent of schools as early as possible, usually by 6:00 AM, based on information provided by the weather service, public maintenance officials and the District’s transportation department. Because start times for grades 7-12 are different on Mondays, please take note of the following delay schedule:

2-Hour Delay on Monday mornings
Senior High Start …………. 9:30 AM
Junior High Start …………. .9:35 AM
Elementary Start ………….10:45 AM

2-Hour Delay Tues-Friday mornings
Senior High Start ………… 9:50 AM
Junior High Start ………… 9:55 AM
Elementary Start ………….10:45 AM

The bus schedules will be adjusted accordingly for changes in start times.

Most local television and radio stations are informed of the school closings or delays. It is best to keep listening for a reasonable length of time for an announcement before either going back to sleep or leaving for school. Unless an announcement is made by the news media that schools will be delayed or closed, parents, students and employees should assume that a regular school day will be held.

Parents and students are asked not to make calls to the school buildings, the transportation center, to the homes of school officials or to the radio and television stations on these days since these lines are needed to handle the details related to the weather situation.

Once school is in session, the school day will be completed if possible. If the weather is bad and the schools are open, a principal will respect a parent’s decision not to send a child to school for safety reasons. However, students are expected to make up any work missed.

If severe weather conditions develop or any other emergency occurs during the day, the decision to dismiss classes early is made, if possible, by 11:15 AM, and radio and television stations are notified immediately. For on-line weather information, log on to

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Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet.