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Weather Display Templates

Plug-n-play web template
Sample of full site template

On Nov. 7, 2005, released it's first Weather Display single page templates. On Nov. 9, the full website template was released. These templates are virtually "plug-n-play" with Weather Display, allowing a professional looking website with just a little bit of work. These templates incorporate ideals laid out by Jacob Nielsen for usability and design elements.

Special thanks to Kevin Reed at TNET Weather for his help implementing this website template. He was the first to implement the template and did many of our site's look-and-feel graphics.

Below are links to these FREE templates.

Ken at Saratoga Weather has created an Ajax-powered version of the template. You view it here and download it here. Ajax allows for weather data to be displayed in near real-time right on the webpage - with no special software.

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